Eastern Cape Surfing

Some of these spots are isolated so for these parts, particularly the old Transkei and Ciskei, stick with friends in the know. Warmer weather in the north means that springsuits or baggies are adequate in summer, further
south gets quite chill so take a full suit just in case.

The chart below shows the conditions for the best waves and will make your search for waves less of a gamble.

Spot Direction of Waves Size Wind
Beachview right and left 2-4 E
Blue Water Bay right and left 2-8 W
Bruces Baeuties right 4-6 W
Coffee Bay right and left 2-4 light W
East Beach right and left 2-8 W
Eastern Beach right and left 2-6 W/NW
Fence left 2-6 W
Gonubie Reef left 4-8 E/W
Hamburg right and left 2-6 W
Igoda right and left 2-6 E/NE
Kidds Beach right and left 2-6 W/SW
Mazeppa Bay right and left 2-6 W
Nahoon Reef right 4-8 E
Noordhoek right and left 4-6 W/NW
Pipe right and left 2-6 W
Queensbury Bay right and left 4-8 E/W
Sardinia Bay right and left 2-6 NW/NE
Seal Point right 2-6 W
Second Beach right 4-8 W
Supertubes right 4-10 W
Whacky Point right 4-6 W
Yellow Sands right 4-8 W/SW

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